Introductory notes

  • The Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator will provide co-funding grants to projects that demonstrate and deploy innovative energy efficiency technologies and process changes in industry.
  • This¬† form is a registration of interest for the consideration of a technology or project solution. It will be used to preliminarily assess the eligibility of the technology or project.
  • This form can be submitted by a technology developer and/or industrial company.
  • This form is not an application for funding, nor a prerequisite for applications to funding under this programme.
  • Ultimately, successful applications will come from technologies and projects that:
    • have a cost-effective programme of work that achieves the project goals;
    • have the potential to deliver significant cross-sectoral energy and/or CO2 savings;
    • have a project team with the required skills and experience to do the work; and
    • provides the evidence necessary to validate any benefits achieved.
Instructions on completing this form:

  • The initial deadline for submission is Monday 7th August 2017 to be eligible for inclusion in industry workshops (see We will however continue to review technology ideas and projects on an ongoing basis.¬†
  • Please keep your answers brief and clear.
  • Questions 1.1 to 2.3 are mandatory. Questions 2.4 to 2.8 are optional.
  • Additional attached documentation will not be accepted as references. Hyperlinks will be accepted, but may not be accessed.
  • Guidance is available on request from