Islington Clinical Commissioning Group buys healthcare services for the local Islington population. 

The CCG is currently considering how best to deliver extended access to GP Services in Islington so that it meets the needs of our population and is affordable. The CCG would like to find out more about people’s experiences of views of accessing primary care - particularly focusing on attending practices that are currently outside of regular practice hours (8am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday).

This survey will give you the opportunity to tell us about when you would like to be able to access GP appointments, about the kind of services you need to use seven days a week and about where you’d be willing to travel to access them.  The information we collect during the survey will help the CCG to make decisions about the way they commission additional services for  patients in the future.

The survey will take around 5 minutes to complete, and you can choose to leave your details or to remain anonymous. If you choose to include your details, we may contact you to tell you about other projects we are working on, ask for your opinions about health services in Islington, or invite you to events that we are holding in the future.