1. Purpose of the consultation

The purpose of this consultation exercise is to concisely explain the major issues that should be considered around IBP, and to elicit your thoughts on the best way forward. More specifically, in the Discussion Paper that accompanies this survey, we set out:
  • What is IBP and why it is relevant now?
  • What are the potential benefits?
  • What are the potential draw-backs?
  • What do we need to think about when we consider implementation?
Through this survey, we ask:
  • What do you think, and where would you go next?
By doing so, we hope to work towards a shared understanding of IBP and to capture a range of perspectives on its use.

After collecting the thoughts of all stakeholders consulted, we will publish the results in a “way forward” editorial. We very much value your insight, and we thank you for participating in this important exercise.

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