IB Diploma Programme Option Blocks

Block 1: English A: Language and Literature HL & SL / German A HL & SL

Block 2: French B HL & SL / Spanish B HL & SL

Block 3: Geography HL & SL / History HL & SL 

Block 4: Biology HL & SL / Physics HL & SL 

Block 5: Mathematics HL & SL 

Block 6: Chemistry HL & SL / Design Technology HL & SL / Economics HL & SL / Italian ab initio SL / Maths Studies SL / Psychology HL & SL / Visual Arts HL & SL
Please select the options you wish to study for the IB Diploma Programme.

We expect students to choose one subject from each of the Blocks 1 to 6 so that six subjects are chosen in total, three at Higher Level (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL).

German students are advised to consult their agent or the universities directly to ensure that the subjects chosen for the IB Diploma Programme are acceptable to the universities.
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