IAH’s Strategic Overview Series (IAH-SOS) aims to inform professionals in a variety of sectors of key interactions with groundwater resources and hydrogeological science. They are also intended to aid IAH members and supporters in their outreach efforts.

Overall, seven titles have been released in the last three years. We're seeking your feedback concerning these, the series overall, and to help in our planning for future titles.

The IAH-SOS Series can be found here: https://iah.org/knowledge/strategic_overview_series

* 1. Are you aware of any or all of the papers under IAH's Strategic Overview Series?

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* 4. We have listed all the existing titles in the IAH-SOS below.  Please indicate your level of interest/use of them:

  1-Not of relevance/use 2-Of some relevance/use 3-Of great relevance/use 0 - Not applicable/don't know
Ecoystems and Groundwater
Energy Generation and Groundwater
Food Security and Groundwater
Global Change and Groundwater
Human Health and Groundwater
Resilient Cities and Groundwater
The UN-SDGs for 2030 – Essential Indicators for Groundwater

* 5. Overall, do you think the IAH-SOS papers are the right length/level of detail, for purpose?

* 6. Do you find the language/English in the papers reasonable to understand?

* 7. Do you think IAH should produce additional titles in the Strategic Overview Series?

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