Thank you for your interest in the IAB UK Gold Standard

This registration form allows us to collect the information we need to register your company and start the certification process.

Please note:

·  Registration is only open to IAB members. So if you’re not currently a member and want to register for the Gold Standard then please complete the form and we’ll be in touch about membership.

·  Certification is available to publishers and media owners, those who buy online advertising space on behalf of brands and intermediaries in the sector who deliver digital advertising.

·  If you are an advertiser, the first step is to sign up as an official supporter – find out more here. We can then discuss your media operations to determine if you are eligible to register for Gold Standard certification.

For companies who are registering - once you have submitted this form and we’ve processed the information, we’ll issue you with the ‘IAB UK Gold Standard 2.0 Registered’ badge that you can use on your site and marketing materials.

Once registered you’ll have six months to adopt the relevant solutions across the four key areas and provide evidence to demonstrate that you are complying with them. These are:

a)    Reducing ad fraud by implementing or supporting IAB Tech Lab's initiatives of ads.txt/app-ads.txt, sellers.json and SupplyChain Object
b)    Upholding brand safety by obtaining TAG Brand Safety Certification
c)     Improving the digital ad experience by adhering to The Coalition for Better Ads advertising standards
d)    Helping comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy law by adopting the latest Transparency Consent Framework from IAB Europe.
Once you have met all the relevant compliance criteria, we’ll send you an ‘IAB UK Gold Standard 2.0 Certified’ badge.

If you do not comply within the six month time period we will ask you to no longer use your ‘IAB UK Gold Standard 2.0 Registered’ badge. Should this happen we encourage you to re-register once you are ready and we give a one month period to submit evidence from that date.

You’ll need to complete a separate questionnaire for each business that you want to register for the IAB UK Gold Standard. For example, if you are registering a consumer facing media site and an ad exchange you will need to complete a separate form for each.

If you have any questions about the IAB UK Gold Standard or the registration process, please email