Rapid Prototyping Workshops to develop a common methodological framework, principles and best practice guidelines for Hotspots Analysis

16-17 June 2016
Venue: UNEP, 1 rue Miollis, Building VII, 75015 Paris, France

We are pleased to invite you to participate in two rapid prototyping workshops to develop a common methodological framework and best practice guidelines for hotspot analysis at the sector and product category level.  These workshops will be run on consecutive days (16 and 17 June 2016) at the UNEP offices in Paris to minimize travel time and optimise the available budget and project resources.

Both the workshops and webinars are intended to facilitate the rapid development and refinement of:
1.   A common methodological framework and global principles and guidance for hotspots analysis that is capable of being used at different scales or levels of detail (with the initial focus being at the sector, and product category-level - but with the potential to extend this at a later date to the national-level or city scale).
2.   Best practice guidance for the appropriate use and communication of sustainability information derived from hotspots analysis and other life cycle approaches.

We would appreciate if you could indicate below whether you wish to participate in both workshops, or just one of the two (specifying sector or product category-level). This will help us to plan for numbers and the logistics for each workshop. In the meantime, please save these date in your diary, you will receive further details for each of the workshops once you register your interest.

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If you require any further information regarding the workshops and webinars please contact Giorgio Bagordo at Giorgio.Bagordo@wrap.org.uk