Closing date: 1st February 2021

Having undertaken a light-touch review of the Holwell Neighbourhood Plan, it appears that most residents are broadly happy with the current policies and there is no need to make any major changes.  We have made some minor changes to reflect factual updates, such as the developments that have taken place since the plan was drafted. 

We are not sure at this stage whether these changes will need to be examined, or can simply be can be accepted as minor (non-material) updates without the need to go through independent examination.  We are therefore using this consultation as part of the formal consultation required should the plan need to be re-examined.   

This questionnaire has been prepared to help you submit your views on the current plan as amended. Please complete one so we are able to take account of your views in the review.  You can find additional information and relevant documents at:
We do ask that you supply your name and address so that we can be sure that comments are genuine and are not duplicated.  The personal information you have provide will be held and used by the Parish Council (and shared with the Local Planning Authority and Examiner if required for the purposes of the Examination) in relation to the preparation and making of the neighbourhood plan. It will not be kept for more than 6 months following the completion of the Neighbourhood Plan.

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* Please provide your name, address, and also your email address (if you would like to be notified about the next stages of the Neighbourhood Plan).

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* Do you give consent for the Parish Council to use your personal data as described above?

Your thoughts on the Neighbourhood Plan policies
The main changes being proposed to the plan are:
(1) updates to the introductory pages to include information on the outcome of the previous examination, and the making of the plan
(2) a new section inserted in the introduction to explain the process for reviewing the plan
(3) updates to the section on housing to reflect the withdrawal of the bus service, planning applications that have been approved since the plan was examined, the current number of households on the affordable housing register and the emerging housing target for the area in the new Local Plan
(4) Policy H1 has been amended to remove the Westbourne plot (now under construction) from the list of available sites
(5) Policy H3 has been amended to reference the occupation of the 14 affordable homes on the Crouch Lane site, for clarity
(6) the section on community facilities has been updated to reference the new recreation field at the Village hall, and to also acknowledge the impact of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic that has adversely impacted on the use of the hall and nursery.
(7) changes are also proposed to the policies map to reflect the above.

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* Do you agree with all of these changes?

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* If you disagree with any of the proposed changes, please indicate which you disagree with, and why:

(1) updates to the introductory pages
(2) new section on the process for reviewing the plan
(3) factual updates to the section on housing
(4) amended Policy H1
(5) amended Policy H3
(6) factual updates to the section on community facilities
(7) changes to the policies map to reflect the above

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* Are there any other changes you consider are necessary to be made in order for it to be meet the basic conditions required for making a Neighbourhood Plan?

And finally...

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* If you have any other comments to make, please use the space below.