Holbrook Road Play Area Improvements

Cambridge City Council has been given Section 106 developer contribution money and is proposing to improve the play equipment in the Hollbrook Road play area.  The Section 106 money is  specific to play area redevelopment within this area and cannot be used for any other purpose.

This equipment will provide dynamic play for the age ranges of 0-8 years and will provide inclusive play for all levels of ability. The improved play area will slightly alter the shape of the existing play area footprint and may slightly increase the footprint of the play area .

The play area will be aimed at the age range of  0-8 years. Safety surfacing will  conform to BS EN 1177 safety standards. Areas of the open space will remain for informal play and leisure with the new area complimenting existing play equipment.

We would like to use this consultation to present an initial design to residents in order to gauge support and to seek further comments should residents wish to see other changes to the space as part of any potential longer term redevelopment Holbrook Road.

The consultation will end at 23:55 on Sunday 10th January 2021.

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Aerial view of location

Aerial view of location