This short survey will take around 5 minutes to complete and aims to identify how communities and businesses across Highland are being impacted by severe weather and climate change. The results will help inform future work to support Highland communities, households, businesses and public bodies to adapt to climate change.

Scotland’s climate is already changing. There is a long-term trend of warming temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns and rising sea level. We have experienced this as highly variable weather – hot, cold, wet and dry – that has proved hugely challenging in recent years.

The impacts of climate change have been felt across Highland: from damage to infrastructure, to disruption of vital services, and a shift in growing seasons. Work in Highland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will contribute to limiting the extent of future climate change but we cannot turn back the clock. Past and present day emissions mean that the rate of climate change is set to intensify over the coming decades and we need to adapt now.

The Highland Council and Community Planning Partners have identified that there may be significant benefits to establishing a Highland Climate Change Adaptation Initiative to coordinate and deliver a joined up approach to climate change adaptation for the Highlands.  

The results of this survey will be used along with feedback from a wide range of organisations, to help identify whether a new Highland Adapts initiative is needed.

The survey will be open until Friday 6th September 2019, and responses will be analysed thereafter.
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