'Help about Cary' Practical help & support for people affected by cancer

Everyday activities can be a challenge when you aren't feeling well.
We are a group of local residents wishing to set up a new volunteer scheme to provide practical support for people affected by cancer in Castle Cary and the surrounding area.  We are working with Macmillan Cancer Support to do this.  In order to ensure the scheme provides the right support we are asking you to give a few minutes to share your views.

* 1. Are you:

* 2. What type of practical help and support do you think would be useful? (if you have had cancer treatment yourself or cared for or known someone going through cancer can you think back to the types of everyday activities that were difficult?)

* 3. Your further suggestions for what the scheme might offer:

* 4. Which publications, people or places do you think would be good to advertise the new scheme?

* 5. How far do you live from Castle Cary?

* 6. What is your nearest town?

* 7. How do you normally travel?

* 8. Where do/did you travel to for cancer treatment in hospital?

* 9. About how long is the journey (one way)?

* 10. Do/did you get any non medical support with your cancer or as a carer?

* 11. If you travel to get this support how long is the journey one way?

* 12. What barriers do/ did you face to getting the support you need?

* 13. What age are you?

* 14. Further comments and suggestions: