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Knowing What To Say And How To Say It

Ideas for Ears and Our Connected Neighbourhoods are Stirling-based organisations.  We are working together to explore how people talk about common health conditions, focusing in particular on hearing and memory issues (the core areas of interest for our respective organisations). 

We want to learn how people describe hearing and memory difficulties – their own or someone else’s.  Worries about hearing and memory loss, either your own or someone else’s, are incredibly common.  How well equipped are we to talk about these things?
A further aim of the project is to help ensure that people are able to find relevant information and to seek the help and support they may need.  

This survey is anonymous - you do not need to tell us who you are.  There are 20 questions.  We'd love you to answer them all but don't feel you have to.

Deadline and forwarding this on to others

The latest date we can accept responses is midnight Monday 31st May.  Please feel free to share the survey link and to encourage others to complete it.   

About us 

We are working together on this project because of some interesting similarities between hearing and memory conditions, such as, each being invisible to the eye, tricky to properly understand, and highly variable in the way they present.  We will explore and compare how easy or difficult it is to talk about these conditions.

Ideas for Ears
is a progressive not-for-profit organisation working to improve hearing access and the inclusion of people with hearing loss.  Our Connected Neighbourhoods is a community outreach project working to create dementia-inclusive communities.

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