What would you like to see at Harlaw House Visitor Centre?

Thank you for looking at our survey!

We would like your advice and comments on what could improve your  experience when you visit  Harlaw in the Pentlands, and what might encourage you to visit more often.

Harlaw House Visitor Centre, near the Harlaw car-park and reservoir in the Pentland Hills, currently provides some services including: public toilets, an exhibition about  wildlife and nature in the Pentlands, and a wildlife garden managed by Friends of the Pentlands. Friends of the Pentlands also facilitate access for users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters.  It is used as a base by the Rangers and  voluntary groups including the Malleny Anglers Association, who provide volunteer water bailiffs. Vanilla Pod, a popular kiosk, serves take-away food on busier days, and there is a proposal to make room for a cafe inside the building.

We are Balerno Village Trust, a local charity and development trust led by volunteers, and we are interested in leasing Harlaw House from the City of Edinburgh Council to improve the building and develop  the range of services there.  We aim to work with other community organisations which are active around Harlaw, and we'd value your feedback on Harlaw House.

This survey should take about 6 minutes - we'd really appreciate your help! 

Please follow this link for more information about Balerno Village Trust.

If you have any questions about this survey please contact officebvt@gmail.com.

Many thanks! 

The Balerno Village Trust team.

* 1. Would you like Harlaw House Visitor Centre to provide more information and / or advice on the following:

  really want to see this quite interested don't mind either way not very interested not at all keen 
walking routes in the Pentlands
nature in the Pentlands
the history of the reservoirs and life in the Pentlands 
the Outdoor Access Code and responsible behaviour in the Pentlands

* 2. The Centre is already used as a base for outdoor activities (please see the introduction above). Would you like to see the Centre develop its role further as a base, for example for:

  really want to see this quite interested don't mind either way not very interested not at all keen
More Mobility Scooters for hire and volunteer scooter guides for accessible paths 
A base for outdoor activities such as fishing tuition 
a base for volunteer training for working in the Pentlands
guided walks

* 3. Would you like to see the indoor space developed for more activities such as:

  really want to see this quite interested  don't mind either way not very interested not at all keen
environmental education 
family fun days  with arts and crafts and outdoor activities
space to hire for children's parties and events
school holiday activities for children (not full holiday clubs)
a sales point for maps, guides, Pentland Produce etc
volunteering opportunities helping at the Visitors Centre

* 4. Which of the following services would you like to see at Harlaw Visitor Centre?

  really want to see this quite interested don't  mind either way not very interested not at all keen
Toilets open for longer hours
Cafe with indoor and outdoor seating
a meeting point / shelter for walkers

* 5. Assuming there was a good cafe in Harlaw House with indoor seating, how often do you think you would use it?

* 6. If you think you would use the cafe in Harlaw House, what would you use it for? Please tick all that apply.

* 7. We'd appreciate your help on the following  questions which will help with our business planning: What would you/ your household spend PER PERSON on a visit to a day-time cafe?

* 8. Which of the following would you consider booking at Harlaw House? Please tick all that apply

* 9. How often do you visit Harlaw?

* 10. When you visit Harlaw, are you usually (please select all that apply)

* 11. If there was an off-road walking / cycling route from the 44 bus-stop in Balerno to Harlaw, would you consider using that instead of your car?

* 12. If you would like to recieve updates about this project, please give  us your name, email address and postcode. Thank you.

* 13. Would you consider contributing time and ideas to make this project happen?

* 14. If you have other suggestions or concerns for Harlaw House, please use the box below to let us know. Many thanks.