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Work on the neighbourhood plan is being led by Hailsham Town Council. We held a well-attended workshop in February during which residents, businesses and visitors told us how they would like to see Hailsham change and improve in the future. We have now prepared a set of emerging policies that respond to these and are asking for your thoughts on these.

With your help and support we will then prepare a neighbourhood plan which reflects the community’s views. It will eventually be subject to public scrutiny and examination, followed by a referendum. If people vote in favour of the plan, it can then be used to help shape a future Hailsham that we can all be proud of.


By 2028 Hailsham will be recognised as a destination for leisure, shopping & culture. It will have embraced and harnessed its growth potential and benefitted from the necessary infrastructure to support and retain its strong sense of community, civic pride and social wellbeing. Hailsham will be established as a balanced, well-proportioned and prosperous town offering
its residents a high quality of life.

The town centre will be an appealing and pleasant retail and leisure destination which attracts visitors from far and wide (many via public transport from rail services at Polegate) into the unique historic market town served by modern and desirable facilities and amenities. Growth will deliver excellent schooling choices and new further education opportunities, good medical provision and care services.

An improved core retail area will support a diverse mix of independent and national shops and businesses bringing with it strong employment prospects for the town.


1. Development delivers the necessary facilities and infrastructure in accessible locations for existing and new communities alike.
2. Existing pedestrian and cycling routes are preserved and enhanced.
3. New developments will create well connected, attractive cycling and pedestrian routes, providing seamless integration with the existing urban areas and public green spaces to encourage a reduction in car based travel.
4. Existing habitats and green infrastructure networks are protected and enhanced through sensitive development.
5. The character and setting of Hailsham’s conservation area, statutory listed buildings and locally listed buildings are protected by fostering a high quality design approach which promotes design innovation and reinforces the distinct local character areas of Hailsham.
6. Improve local air quality and provide reductions in carbon emissions by supporting local renewable energy generation.
7. Encourage the appropriate re-development of previously developed land to help meet housing need and encourage the regeneration of Hailsham Town Centre.
8. Protect and encourage the development of retail and commercial spaces which meet identified local need, to support new and existing small businesses and local retailers whilst also attracting inward investment into Hailsham.
9. Support existing retailers and encourage a diversification of the retail and leisure offers in the town to attract new shoppers and visitors.

* 1. Please let us know how you feel about the emerging ideas for the neighbourhood plan:

  Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree
Area Wide. The 10-minute town: Making it safer, easier, more convenient and attractive for people to get to the shops and facilities
Area Wide. The Cuckoo Trail: Improving links to this, quality of environment and provision of new facilities.
Area Wide. Connections to Polegate: Promoting a frequent, direct and quick bus service linking Hailsham with Polegate railway station and Eastbourne, including new park and ride facilities.
Area Wide. Design: All new development should be of a high quality reflecting local characteristics and materials.
The Growth Sites. Comprehensive development: Requiring provision of masterplans across land ownerships boundaries to deliver well integrated and connected areas with all necessary infrastructure.
The Growth Sites. Design quality: Setting principles to promote high quality new development and requiring independent critique of proposals through expert design review.
The Growth Sites. Green space: Requiring principles of new natural and amenity space for local use and which acts as a buffer to the Pevensey Levels to be protected in perpetuity.
The Growth Sites. Movement: New development should contribute to improved bus connections, walking and cycle networks.
The Growth Sites. Parking: Proper parking provision should be provided, in places where it will be used.
The Town Centre. Mix of Uses: New shops and employment should be located in the town centre.
The Town Centre. Homes: New Housing should be provided, potentially above shops and businesses, to create vibrancy and activity.
The Town Centre. New development: Should respect existing building heights and improve setting of historic buildings
The Town Centre. Parking: A loss of parking spaces should be restricted, but it should be redesigned to help improve the look and feel of the town centre.
The Town Centre. Traffic: New development should not lead to additional traffic in the centre.
The Town Centre. Walking and cycling: Better connected, safer and more attractive walking and cycling routes to and in the town centre should be provided.
The Town Centre. Appearance: There should be a unified approach to shopfronts, street clutter and litter removed, and new public art installed.

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