* 1. In relation to our waste collection service, do you agree or disagree
with the following statements:

  Agree Disagree
Householders should recycle more
Council makes it easy for me to recycle
I’m unsure of everything that can be recycled
I understand communications about waste services
There should be more education on how to make the most of waste collection services
Council should reduce black bin capacity

* 2. Do you feel it should be necessary that householders recycle?

* 3. If yes, which enforcement method do you feel would be most effective?

* 4. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the following waste collection             services?

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Black Bin Waste Collection
Dry Recycling (Blue Bin or Kerbside Boxes)
Green Garden and Food Waste Collections (Brown bin)
Separate Food Waste Collection

* 5. Bring banks are an important part of our waste collection service to recycle additional bottles, books, textile and cans.

Are you aware of your nearest Bring Bank?

* 6. If you use a bring bank, please tell us where it is located. (e.g. Glenarm, Curran Road, Waveney Road etc).

* 7. Are you aware of our collection and return service for people with a disability?

* 8. Which, if any, of the Household Recycling Centres below do you currently use?

* 9. On average, how often do you use your Household Recycling Centre?

* 10. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the customer service at your Household Recycling Centre?

* 11. We provide one free bulky collection per year, with additional collections being charged for. How many times have you used this bulky lift collection service in one year?

* 12. We look after street cleansing in the Borough. To improve services, please rank the following in order of importance (1-4, 1 being the most important).

* 13. We are continually looking at ways to improve the recycling service. Would you support the following?

  Yes No
All recyclable material to be banned from black bins
Heavier fines on littering
More enforcement on fly-tipping

* 14. How do you receive information about waste/recycling?  (please choose as many as required):

* 15. If you have any further comments/ suggestions or ideas regarding the above services please use the box below.

* 16. Information gathered in this section will help us to identify trends across MEA Borough Council. While this information is useful, you are by no means obliged to complete this section if you do not wish to do so.

How many people in each age group live in your household?

* 17. Which of the following describes how you identify yourself?

* 18. What type of property do you live in?

* 19. What age group do you belong to?

* 20. Do you consider yourself to have a disability or a long-term illness, physical or mental health conditions?