HERIB is a registered charity based in Hull and East Yorkshire.  The charity is currently reviewing its branding including considering changing its name, however before a decision is made, the charity would like your opinion. Your views will be valued highly so please answer the following questions as honestly as you can. Thank you.

* 1. Are you aware of HERIB?

* 2. Do you know what the letters HERIB stand for?

* 3. Do any of the words in the HERIB name stand out to you as particularly good or bad (i.e. in terms of what HERIB stands for)?

* 4. Do you know the difference between HERIB and RNIB?

* 5. Do you have an idea of the kind of services HERIB offers?

* 6. If HERIB were to change its name, what 3 words represent your feelings about the charity and could potentially be used in the new name to help the charity reach out to more people with sight loss? :

* 7. Do you think the HERIB name should be changed?

* 8. Do you think a new name would eliminate confusion between HERIB and other sight loss charities?

* 9. HERIB provides services for people with any degree of sight loss ranging from mild to total lack of vision. Which of the following terms do you feel is more appropriate for describing the people HERIB helps?

* 10. Are you connected with HERIB?