Completing this form

Thank you for your interest in being a Design Council Expert. You can complete your form in stages, or change your answers, as many times as you like before you submit. Please note, however, once you click 'done' on the last page of the form you will no longer be able to make amendments. There are also a couple of other important items to bear in mind:

1. You must complete all of the information on a page for it to be saved. If you do not complete that page, when you return to the form, the information on that page will have to be entered again. 

2. Once you have started the form, you must continue to use the same internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) to return to a version of the form with your answers saved. Clicking the link to the form on a different browser will mean you have to start the form from the beginning.

3. Please do not delete your cookies and history for the duration of completing this form. Deleting your cookies and history will also erase any saved answers.  

Please note a pdf doc listing all the questions on the form is available here