Association of Child Psychotherapists - research for upcoming Treat them Right campaign

Many thanks for taking part in this research
Recent changes in funding, training and commissioning around children’s mental health mean many CAMHS teams are finding themselves struggling to provide the longer term, comprehensive support that many children and young people desperately need, particularly those with more complex mental health problems.

The purpose of this survey is to gauge the importance of access to and support from Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) registered child and adolescent psychotherapists for those working in CAMHS teams, for part of a wider campaign being carried out by the ACP called 'Treat them right'.

Treat them right

The Association of Child Psychotherapists is campaigning for all CAMHS services and other mental health professionals to have access to a range of therapeutic treatments including those provided by ACP registered child and adolescent psychotherapists, so every child and adolescent can benefit from their skills, expertise and experience as part of a truly comprehensive system of support.

The survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Any reference made to child and adolescent psychotherapists refers to ACP registered child and adolescent psychotherapists – please consider your answers in response to these professionals only.

Please do feel free to share the survey link with other CAMHS professionals - we are looking to gather the opinions of as many people as possible.

* 1. In which geographical area do you currently work

* 2. Do you work directly with children and young people as part of a generic or specialist multi-disciplinary service within in your CAMHS service?

* 3. What is your job role?

* 4. Do you currently work with or have access to a child and adolescent psychotherapist within your CAMHS service?

* 5. If YES to Question 4, please answer Question 5 and then proceed to question 6
If NO to Question 4, please proceed directly to question 6

If you didn’t have access to a qualified child and adolescent psychotherapist, would it reduce your ability to offer effective, appropriate support to all the children and young people you work with?

* 6. In your view, how important is access to a child and adolescent psychotherapist for your work as part of a CAMHS service?