Healthwatch Worcestershire finds out what people think about health and social care services. We use this information to tell those who run the services how they can be improved.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out what are the experiences of the LGBT+ community in relation to accessing health and social care services in Worcestershire.  Social care services can include:

- Families and children including fostering and adoption
- Support and care for the elderly and people with disabilities 

The information gained from this questionnaire will only be used for this purpose. The information you provide is confidential, although we may use anonymised quotes. Your name or any other personal identifying information will not appear in any publications resulting from this survey without your express consent.

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey only if you identify as being part of the LGBT+ community in Worcestershire.  

However, if you are an ally/relative/carer of someone in the LGBT+ community and have an experience to share, please contact us via the following:

Tel: 01386 565956


By continuing  you agree that you understand the purpose of this survey and consent to the use of the data as indicated above