Healthwatch Leeds would like to hear from you on what we’ve done well and how we could improve. We are also inviting you to contribute to our future work priorities

Please take a few minutes to answer these questions and help us shape what we do and improve how we do it.
Feedback will be collated for our Board Planning meeting on the 25th January.

* 1. What areas of Health and Care should we look at next year? For example; Home Care, Surgical Wards or Community Clinics?

* 2. Please tell us why you chose this.

* 3. Have you volunteered with us, talked to us or been to our events in the last year?

* 4. What could we do better or improve?

* 5. Is there anything else, good or bad, you would like to add?

* 6. If you would like to be entered into the prize draw to win a £25.00 voucher, please leave your email or phone number below