Welcome back to Year 11. This year will be a challenging year, involving lots of hard work for you and us.

One of our main priorities is to support you through this year and help to ensure that have all the support that you need to succeed.

Please spend some time answering the following questions about your aspirations, ambitions and plans for once you have completed your GCSEs next summer. This information will be really important in helping your teachers and tutor to support, advise and guide you.

Thank you,

Miss Crichton

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. Which of these most closely matches the grades you are expecting at GCSE?

* 3. Which of these most closely matches what you are interested in studying towards after year 11? (tick those that apply)

* 4. Are you considering studying A Levels?

* 5. Are you considering studying BTECs or OCR nationals at level 3?

* 6. Are you considering an apprenticeship?

* 7. Are you considering applying to university?

* 8. Are you considering applying to a Russel Group university? (Russell Group Universities are the 24 leading universities in the UK, they have a track record of excellent research and outstanding teaching and learning)

* 9. Are you considering a Higher level apprenticeship at age 18/19?

* 10. Are you considering applying to Oxford or Cambridge universities?

* 11. Are you considering applying to study medicine or veterinary science at university after A Levels?

* 12. Where are you considering for post 16 study? (tick all that apply)