Course Evaluation

This survey is part of the recording system for rectotec and allows the instructors to gain comments on their instruction, both positive and negative, so that rectotec is able to give the best possible instruction to its students. It would be appreciated that whilst filling out this form you are as honest possible.

* 1. Did the instructor carry out a risk assessment and give a safety brief before any diving commenced?

* 2. Were appropriate joining instructions (information, timings, directions, equipment list etc…) supplied to you prior to the course? 

* 3. Did you receive the course materials prior to the course?

* 4. Was an appropriate delivery method used for the academic part of the course?  

* 5. Were any other visual aids used during the course (whiteboard, video, handouts)?

* 6. Were your skills filmed and was it useful as a de-brief tool?

* 7. Were the demonstrations and signals used by the instructor clear and bold?  Did you understand what was being communicated to you?

* 8. Was any equipment supplied by the instructor for use on the course in good working order and fit for purpose?

* 9. Did you enjoy the course?

* 10. Any other comments?