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The survey is designed to expand a professional learning network and build on work carried out since 2013 by the NECE ‘Hard to Reach’ Focus Group. This group is coordinated by the SDSA (Leicester, UK) in partnership with BpB (Germany).

The information gained through this survey will help us to understand the changing learning needs of increasingly diverse communities and the related challenges facing citizenship education – particularly for learners deemed ‘ hard to reach’, marginal, disadvantaged or reluctant. We want to connect people who are active in this field of work.

We request information about relevant expertise, resources, research and training as well as ways to share good practice and ideas for projects and research which could bring people together to gain funds for future work. Across Europe, interesting and innovative work and research is evolving every day to meet changing challenges. We believe effective sharing and learning between educators can multiply the quality, impact and number of beneficiaries of this work.

By taking the survey you consent to your contact and other information contributing to our NECE Network – an entirely non-commercial platform for educators – we may contact you about future activities of our Focus Group. 

Thank you for your interest in this work and your time completing this survey. If anything is not clear, or you would like to explore networking ideas further please do contact us directly. We hope the survey is a shorthand way of stimulating many more productive communications. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you in this increasingly important work.

Adam Newman Turner
Christoph Müller-Hofstede
Khalid Mahmood
Phone: +44 753 384 9869