Description of our survey.

Thank you for participating in our survey.
This survey is part of a NIHR HTA grant (no 15/105) on late pregnancy ultrasound. The aims of the overall project are firstly to assess the current evidence on universal late pregnancy ultrasound screening, secondly to conduct an economic analysis of a screening and intervention programme and thirdly to assess whether a further randomised clinical trial is required and, if yes, what would be the most appropriate design. 
The objective of this survey is to collect information from healthcare professionals involved in pregnancy and neonatal care (obstetricians, neonatologists, sonographers/radiologists, and midwives) about candidate screening and outome measures. More specifically we wish to know which ultrasonic measurements and fetal/neonatal outcomes you would consider more appropriate to be included in our systematic reviews and and potentially in the design of a future trial. 
This survey is voluntary and you can exit at any point without completing it. By continuing you agree that your opinion will be used for the research purposes of the above NIHR HTA study.
Dr Alexandros A. Moraitis MSc
Clinical Research Associate
University of Cambridge
Principal Investigator 
Prof Gordon CS Smith MD PhD FMedSci
Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
University of Cambridge