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Innovate Finance is an independent not-for-profit membership association representing the UK's global FinTech community. Between July and December 2016, Innovate Finance is chairing an industry-wide consultation asking what shared tools can be created to fast-track innovative ideas to market. In scope for this survey is the FinTech sector, including startups, financial institutions, data and technology vendors. 
This mandate is reflected in the concept of an “Industry Sandbox”: an opportunity for industry to pool resources to overcome common hurdles in adopting innovative technology. It is a tool for off-market testing, unlike the FCA Regulatory Sandbox, which enables innovative products to go to market in a controlled way. The industry sandbox will be equipped with access to systems, data sets and APIs, certain other tools, and supported by a critical mass of technology, legal and regulatory and other professional advice [more details here]
This survey will help us to better assess current awareness levels for this project type, identify high-level design requirements, and pinpoint interested stakeholders. Any final recommendations will take due account of on-going development of Open Banking APIs in the UK, the work of HMT’s Open Bank Working Group and the work of implementing related recommendations by the Competition Markets Authority.  
For questions, or if your organisation is not within the types of stakeholders we have identified, please get in touch on