Purpose of the consultation

Inspire Education Trust will follow Local Authority guidelines in all matter relating to primary admissions.

Coventry City Council are proposing to make some changes to the admissions arrangements for all community and voluntary controlled primary, infant and junior schools from 2020.  In our Academies, we will be mirroring their proposals which are detailed below.

Applications for school places are prioritised according to the “oversubscription criteria” in a school admission policy. Please read the proposed Primary Admissions Policy 2020 which can be accessed on our website.


The changes proposed are set out below.
1. A broadening of the  definition of brothers and sisters to include those children whose parents live together without being married. This will more accurately reflect and meet the needs of the families we have living in the city.
2. A  new priority for children of school staff which we hope will help schools to recruit staff. It will only have a marginal impact of perhaps one or two places in any school, but it may help schools to secure the services of staff that will benefit a large number of children over time.
3. A proposal to change waiting list arrangements so that instead of having to apply to remain on the waiting list each term, parents will only have to apply after 31 December to remain on the waiting list for the rest of the academic year.

Parents will need to apply to the Council to gain places in our schools.

The closing date our consultation is 23rd January 2019

This survey is being carried out by Hearsall Academy, in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR Regulations. The data controller is Hearsall Academy