Graham Lecture

The Graham Lecture award has been established to fill the gap between the McBain award for younger scientists and the Rideal lecture which is for those who have made a distinguished and sustained contribution to colloid and interface science. Typically the Graham Lecture will be awarded to those who are in the prime of their research careers, having established an international reputation in colloid science, have already made distinguished contributions to the field of colloid science and who have the prospect of a further 15+ years of active research to come.

The application form needs to be completed by a proposer and seconder (who must be members of either the CISG or CSSG groups) nominating a candidate fitting the eligibility criteria. The final deadline for receiving nominations is 1 March. The judging panel will meet to discuss the nominations and will come to a decision in March/April. The successful candidate will be invited to present at a suitable colloids and interface science symposium in the next 12 months.

To allow you to prepare your responses prior to completing the online application form, you can download a sample application form here (copy and paste link into your web browser):

If you need to exit the application part-way through completion and return to the form at a later date, please click on the ‘Exit Survey button’. Once you are in a position to revisit the application form, return to the computer which you used to start your application. Click on the hyperlink to the form (or cut and paste the URL into your web browser) and you will be taken to the page where you left off. Unfortunately, applications cannot be returned to once they have been submitted on the final page.