Shopmobility Directory Magazine Feedback

Thank you for giving us feedback on this year's directory. We will use this information to help us to make improvements to next years. 

* 1. Do you like having the directory back in print?

* 2. A size change has been suggested so please tell us what size would work best for you?

* 3. Do you think the cover price of £4.99 was reasonable? 

* 4. Did you think the articles were useful and relevant ?

* 5. What did you like most about this year's magazine?

* 6. What did you like least about this year's magazine?

* 7. Was there anything you would like to see in next year's?

* 8. Please tell us your first name and the town you live in. (This information will be used only if your review is used to promote next years directory magazine, no surnames or addresses will be used, we are not gathering that information, also it gives us a geographical idea of where the magazine is being sold)

* 9. Please give our magazine a star rating. (1 being not useful at all and 5 being excellent)