Thank you for coming to Tea at Adventures at Highfield Adventure Playground this summer holidays!

Tea at Adventures was attended by over 500 people this summer. As someone who came along for tea, please help us tell our funders about the project and the difference it made by giving us your feedback using the 8 questions below. Thank you!

* 1. Did you know about Highfield Adventure Playground before coming to Tea at Adventures?

* 2. Who did you come to Tea at Adventures with?

* 3. How often did you attend?

* 4. Did coming to Tea at Adventures have any benefits for you or your family?  Please tick any of the following that apply to you:

* 5. Is there anything about  how we ran Tea at Adventures that didnt work well for you or your family?

* 6. If we were able to run Tea at Adventures again, is there anything we should do differently to improve the project and provide more benefits for those attending?

* 7. We may like to use your answers in reports to our funders.  If you want to give your name, please enter it here, but if you would prefer to remain anonymous thats fine too.

* 8. We may like to contact you about your feedback. If you are happy for us to for this please enter your email or phone number below. if you would prefer we didn't, thats no problem. Thank you very much for taking the time to give us your feedback!