Data Protection sign up form

Brighton & Hove Council, EraseMyData (EMD), FREEGLE and SOENECS thank you in advance for taking part in this TECH-TAKEBACK scheme.
To comply with the Data Protection Act this questionnaire is to allow residents of Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas to pre-register the Tech that you would like to be data-wiped and subsequently refurbished for a second life.

* 1. Please state your details

* 2. Please indicate which data erasure option you require:

* 4. I am bringing this tech for the purpose of Re-Use and I give permission to Tech-TakeBack to erase all the data contained on the devices (please remember in advance to copy/back-up all data you wish to keep from these devices prior to coming to the pop-up shop).

It would be helpful if you answer the following questions to enable us to deliver a service tailored to your needs in the future:

* 5. How many new Tech Items do you normally buy annually?

* 6. Would you consider any of the following alternatives to buying new tech?

* 7. How many pieces of Tech do you normally stop using annually and have no further use for?

* 8. What do you normally do with your unwanted Tech?

* 9. Please indicate the reason why you took the above actions?

Thank you very much for completing this questionnaire.
We look forward to seeing you with Your Tech very soon!