What is this survey?
Help Musicians has designed this survey to better understand the pressures and challenges that face musicians who use social media as part of their music career.  The insights from this survey will help us to inform how we support musicians. 

The survey includes questions about social media abuse and mental health but does not ask for specific details and your answers are anonymous. If you would like to talk through any difficult experiences, you can call Music Minds Matter at anytime for confidential support 0808 802 8008
Who should fill this out?
Anyone who is a professional musician and uses social media as part of their music career. By professional musician we mean anyone whose income has been at least 50% reliant on music pre-covid and is performing/creating/composing or in work for which the main qualification is a high level of musical training.
How long will it take?
It will take around 15 minutes.
 What will happen to your data?
Please be assured that all personal data and information collected in this survey will remain confidential andanonymous. Data will be stored and used for only the intended purpose of reviewing and improving our services. More details on data protection can be found at the end of this survey within our Privacy Policy.