* 1. Do you use the library regularly?

* 2. Do you want Highgate Library to stay at its current current site?

* 3. Do you want Highgate Library to relocate to Jacksons Lane Arts Centre?

* 4. Would you like more evening and afternoon classes for adults and children on offer at the library?
(If so, use the comment box to outline what you'd like.)

* 5. Would you join a gardening group for adults and children?
(If so, would you be able to help set it up and sort the garden out to make it workable for us? Tell us in the comment box.)

* 6. Would you like evening talks with writers for adults?
(If so, do you know any local writers would be Interested? Are you a local writer? Tell us in the comment box.)

* 7. Would you like more children's writers holding events at the library?
(If so, are you a local children's writer? Please send us your details.)

* 8. Would you be interested in FoHL's vision for Highgate Library remaining where it is and updating for 21st Century needs?
(If so, what would you like to see as a part of that vision for the library? Tell us in the comment box.)

* 9. Have you signed our petition? If not, please sign here.