Reflecting new challenges in the construction industry, notably relating to growing shortages of skilled construction labor and an increasing demand to deliver projects more quickly, the construction industry has begun to embrace production methods from the manufacturing industry, and this is now being increasingly referred to as ‘industrialized construction’.

Industrialized construction refers to the adoption of prefabrication and modular techniques in construction projects. These techniques range from single discipline components, such as timber or precast concrete wall, to multi-trade modular systems that include architectural and structural systems that are complete with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services.

Industrialized construction also includes automated processes and robotics with the aim of delivering process efficiencies. This increase in automation, together with the management of the construction process and logistics in the factory, is akin to changes that have happened in the manufacturing industry.
This survey addresses current awareness levels of industrialized construction and intentions regarding utilization

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