The LWBLA, in partnership with Jan Lloyd, would like to run a series of half day workshops on sharing practice on a series of topics. We'd like to hear from you, via this brief survey, to find out what you think is most relevant.

The commitment from providers attending would be to bring at least one idea/resource to share. these would be collated and shared after the workshop.

* 1. Ideas for introducing the PREVENT agenda to learners. (There is a lot of training for staff but few workshops for working with learners)

* 2. Writing the Self-Assessment Report. The preparing for inspection workshops run by the Adult Learning Inspectorate included sharing Self-Assessment Reports. Feedback showed this was one of the most popular activities of the day.

* 3. Working towards Outstanding Teaching Learning and Assessment. Ideas from the ETF project last year, and examples from inspection. 

* 4. Traineeships. How can providers make them work successfully?

* 5. How can we improve our functional skills results? English and maths support and resources.

* 6. Preparing for a successful inspection.

* 7. Do you have any other topics you think would be of interest to the network?

* 8. Name:

* 9. Organisation:

* 10. Email address:

Thank you for completing this survey. We will communicate the results shortly. Kind Regards Jan Lloyd & LWBLA. You can find out more about us at