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Thank you for participating in the Great British H.G. Wells Survey, brought to you by classic book publisher Wordsworth Editions.

As we prepare for a major release of H.G. Wells titles on January 1st 2017, to mark the day the popular author's works become public domain, we want the Great British public's views on one of the greatest science fiction writers that ever lived.

If you could take just a few minutes to complete the following survey (whether you've read any of H.G. Wells' works or not!) we would be hugely appreciative. All responses are completely anonymous.

And don't forget! To enter our prize draw* for the chance to win all 8 of Wordsworth Editions' H.G. Wells titles (The Time Machine & Other Works, The Crystal Egg & Other Stories, The Island of Doctor Moreau & Other Stories, The War of the Worlds/The War in the Air, Kipps/The History of Mr Polly, The First Men in the Moon/A Modern Utopia, Selected Works of H.G. Wells) simply answer the final question!

We'll be publishing the results of the survey in January to coincide with our H.G Wells book launch.

Thank you again!

The Wordsworth Editions Team

*Prize draw open to UK residents only. Closing date for entries is Dec 31st, 2016. Winners will be announced January 31st, 2016.