Westcliff wellbeing hub survey

You may be aware that we’re in the middle of an exciting project in the Westcliff area of Scunthorpe. We’re completely regenerating the area by building a brand new wellbeing hub, shops and retail outlets along with lots of new homes.

We want to ask local people who live around here about this project, and what they think about the new wellbeing hub in particular. We want to know if you would use it, what you’d like it to be used for and how you think it should look and feel.

The new wellbeing hub will have a cafe, IT facilities, a pre school, meeting room spaces as well as the Westcliff Drop In team being based there. There will also be an exciting calendar of planned activities and events. It will be a buzzing and exciting place for people of all ages, with something in there to suit everyone.

This survey will only take a couple of minutes and your feedback will be really useful to us.

* 1. Which age bracket are you in?

* 2. Are you a Westcliff resident?

* 3. What is you gender?

* 4. What is preferred language?

* 5. The wellbeing hub will have the following facilities. Do you think you would use any of them? (please tick all that you think you would use)

* 6. The wellbeing hub will have the following services. Do you think you would use any of them? (please tick all that you think you would use)

* 7. If you can’t see yourself using the new wellbeing hub, why is this?

* 8. How do you think the new wellbeing hub should feel when people walk in?

* 9. How do you think the new wellbeing hub should look when people walk in?

* 10. Looking at the local area in general, think of three positive words you would associate when you think of Westcliff and the community activities that take place?

* 11. What do you think a great name for the new building? (this is optional)

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey.
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