Corporate Parenting Strategy Review 2018-20

Trafford strives to be a 'good parent' and support the children in our care to achieve positive outcomes. This is what we mean by 'corporate parenting'.
It is time for us to be agreeing the Children in Care and Care Leavers’ Corporate Parenting Strategy for 2018-20. In order to achieve this aim we want to hear your views.
This is a strategy about how we will work with Children in Care and Care Leavers.

* 1. Please identify whether you are

* 2. How well informed do you feel about the following priorities which feature in the current Corporate Parenting Strategy?

  Very well Quite Somewhat Not very Not at all
Helping children stay in the same placement for longer even when things get difficult.
Finding more foster families for children so that children can be placed closer to home in Trafford
Supporting children to do as well as they possibly can in their education.
Supporting more foster carers & family members to care for children under Special Guardianship Orders. This means that these children would no longer be children in care.
Encouraging other services to work together to make things better for Children in Care and for Care Leavers. This means getting everyone in Trafford to think and do more for all children.
Supporting more families as soon as they need help so that we can help prevent children coming into care unless they really have to.
Making sure we consider whether adoption is right for younger children. We want these children to have the best chance to settle in their adoptive families as soon as possible.

* 3. Are there any areas you feel need to be improved?

* 4. How can we develop our practice in the areas above? What could you do? What could your service offer?

* 5. We want to make sure we have our support right for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and we think this should be part of everything we do.

How can we achieve this? What would make the biggest difference?

* 6. Going forward, how can we improve your understanding and awareness of the above priorities and current work being undertaken?

* 7. How can you support children in care and care leavers?

* 8. How would you like to hear more about Trafford's Corporate Parenting Strategy?