Project focus: Measuring the Quality of Life in Individuals living with HIV.

I am a student at Kingston University and I am conducting this study to measure the Quality of Life in individuals living with HIV. We are asking you if you would help us with this study.

You will be administered with a total of 19 questions. Questions 2 to 6 will ask you for your background information regarding your: gender, age, ethnicity, employment status, and education. Questions 7 to 10 will ask you questions relating to languages spoken by you. Question 11 to 14 will ask you questions about your well-being, mode of HIV transmission, and the year of your HIV diagnosis. Questions 15 to 20 will measure your quality of life using The Functional Assessment of HIV Infection (FAHI) which is a HIV-specific tool. Question 15 consist of ten statements on Physical well-being, question 16 consist of ten statements on Emotional well-being/Living with HIV, question 17 consist of thirteen statements on Functional and global well-being, question 18 consist of eight statements on Social well-being, question 19 consist of three statements on Cognitive functioning, and question consist of 13 statements on physical activity.

The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes for you to complete.

You need not take part in this study, and you can leave it at any time without affecting your education/relationship with the Faculty or University in any way. Please note that: if you are taking part in this study on your own personal device, and damage occurs to your personal device whilst taking part in the survey, we will not be held responsible.

All information we gain from you will be maintained in a strictly confidential manner. Your identity will be anonymous and will remain anonymous. Your responses will be kept as data for as long as necessary.

Members of the research team will have access to the information; members include Margaret Opoku, Oriane Le Roy and Professor Andrea Petroczi. After the project all raw data that can identify individuals will be destroyed.  In the reporting of the project, no information will be released which will enable the reader to identify who the respondent was. 

This study has been reviewed and approved by members of the BSc (Honours) Biomedical Science team under the conditions of delegated authority from Kingston University Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing Research Ethics Committee.

In addition, this project is being supervised by Professor Andrea Petroczi, a  staff member at Kingston University. Should you have any questions or problems, please contact Professor Andrea Petroczi.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Opoku and Oriane Le Roy

Contact details:
Professor Andrea Petroczi
Faculty of Science, Engineering & Computing,
Kingston University
Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2EE
Tel: 0208 417 2436

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