Introduction: Fitpros & Health Coaches Masterclass Project

I am looking for Fitpros & Health Coaches to help me with my HOMEWORK i.e. conduct a Market Research Survey, as part of my Business Masterclass project.
I am looking at both SUCESSES and CHALLENGES (NO financials or that level of detail) just an overview, about both business and personal development training and skills, and I was wandering if you can help me by sparing a couple of minutes to complete a few multiple choice questions?

If you are curious as to how others have responded, you have the option, at the end, to request a copy of the condensed results, by leaving your details. You also have the option just to submit your responses with NO personal details being entered.

All information you provide will remain entirely secure!! Any summary data presented is aggregated and therefore your individual responses cannot be identified by those who request the overview of the findings!

The survey should only take a few minutes of your time, if that! And by taking part you will be helping me enormously get a better understanding of current business skills and services out there now, and perhaps those needed in the future to ensure sustained personal and business growth success, going forward.

Note it may take a few weeks to collect and report findings.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Lorna Third @ email:

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for YOUR SUPPORT and now let’s get started.

* 1. What is it you do, to help others improve their Health and Fitness?

* 2. From networking with other Fitpros and Health Coaches, what are the 3 biggest challenges/frustrations do they seem to be struggling with in their business?

* 3. What’s the BIGGEST concern or frustration in YOUR business right now, what’s perhaps keeping you awake at night?

* 4. How are YOUR challenge(s)/ frustrations potentially going to affect your life, both now and in the future?

* 5. What types of things are you interested in learning / investing in that will help you and your business grow further in the future?

* 6. What are you doing to take YOU to the next level? Do you pay for a coach / mentor / consultant to help you and your business grow?

* 7. What’s holding you back from achieving more of what you want?

* 8. What 2 things do you really want to change about your business model / skills in the next 12 months?

* 9. Is there a specific type or style of services/ training solutions you’re craving, that will help take YOU to the next level? What is it and what would it look like/ have in order to ensure YOUR success?

If you wish to see a SUMMARY of how others have responded then please leave your CONTACT DETAILS BELOW (kept confidential) and get BONUS content, RELATED TO HELP SOLVE the BIGGEST Challenge that was identified by YOU and the OTHERS.