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* 1. How are uniform and workwear suppliers using garment fit technologies to save time and money and improve the wearer fit experience? Our new report aims to provide insight into the use of fit optimisation technologies in the sector – but we need your help.

The pandemic is accelerating the shift towards digital business models among uniform and workwear businesses, but to maximise the opportunities of the online channel, corporate apparel suppliers must get fit right first time.

Bodi.Me has been a pioneer in clothing size and fit optimisation since 2014. Our expertise and technology are based on years of research into the apparel sector and garment fit, and more than 350,000 3D body scans and models. Size-Me is our easy-to-implement size advice tool. It delivers fast and accurate results, and is the ideal tool for uniform suppliers and e-commerce platforms.

Our Future of Fit Technologies report will look at how uniform companies are currently managing the fit process and the impact of Covid-19 on wearer fit programmes. The report will explore the type of solutions already in use and future trends in terms of fit technologies. We will also breakdown the use of such technologies by type and size of company, and consider which market sectors can benefit the most from implementing innovative fit solutions.

To contribute to this report, and to receive your free copy, please take five minutes to complete our short survey about fit and your business.