1. Your Experience

This survey is your opportunity to let us know what you think about our plans to improve care and treatment of patients with muscle and joint problems in Hillingdon

Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) the organisation responsible for planning and buying local NHS healthcare services has plans to improve care and treatment for patients with muscle and joint problems (commonly called Musculo-skeletal (MSK) conditions). We want to provide residents with muscle and joint problems with a more “joined up” service that gives patients quicker access to the most clinically appropriate treatment. 

The key changes planned are:
  • Patients will be referred to a single point where a team of clinicians and other health care professionals will assess and arrange the most appropriate treatment to meet their needs. The aim is to help patients avoid having to attend unnecessary appointments.
  • Future plans for residents to be able to self-refer to the service, helping people to get the right care promptly 
  • Integrating services so they work closely together to ensure care is more coordinated for patients
  • Improving access by increasing the opening times of services and the appointments available for patients 
  • Looking to make services more convenient, by providing some services closer to the patient’s home
The closing date for responses to this survey is midnight 14 May 2018. The information collected will be treated in the strictest confidence and used for the purpose of NHS health care service improvement.  

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey

* 1. I am providing a response

* 2. Which MSK service are you providing response about?

* 3. My doctor referred me to the service I need promptly following my health complaint. Do you

* 4. If you could refer yourself to some services such as physiotherapy in future, would this be helpful / unhelpful?

* 5. How long did you have to wait to receive treatment following referral from your doctor?

* 6. How would you describe the length of waiting time before receiving treatment?

* 7. The location for treatment was easy to get to. Do you

* 8. Has the treatment you received improved your health?

* 9. Did you need multiple referrals before getting the right treatment?

* 10. Which of these resources would complement your treatment and help you manage your condition

* 11. If you could change anything about the care and treatment of muscle and joint problems for residents of Hillingdon, what would it be?

* 12. Any other comments?