Our ambition for Herefordshire

Herefordshire Council is in the process of putting together a new Corporate Plan for the next four years from 2020 to 2024.

Before our formal budget consultation process starts in November we want to find out what people's ambitions for Herefordshire are, better understand what the priorities are and what you would want to see council money being spent on.

We are looking to produce a Corporate Plan that reflects what is really important to people living and working in Herefordshire and this consultation is a key part of that.

This consultation is open to all Herefordshire residents. We are particularly keen to listen to the views of people who do not normally take part in these types of exercises and will be holding targeted events to ensure that a diverse range of views are heard.
Our Ambition for Herefordshire is:
"Respecting the past, shaping our future - we will help build vibrant communities, create a thriving local economy and protect and enhance our environment".
Our aim for this consultation is to:
A) test out some priorities in terms of where they rank for residents,
B) find out if you strongly agree or strongly disagree with each sub-priority,
C) see if there is any thing missing that you feel should be included as a priority.

Question Title

* A) Below are priorities which require views from the public about their relative importance.  Please could you rank each of these in order 1-6 as to their relative importance to you.  With 1 being the most important priority for you and 6 being the least important to you.

You can either choose a number rank for each option or drag and drop your priorities to show the top being your highest priority down to your least highest priority.

Our ambition for Herefordshire is split into three themes with sub-priorities under each one.

The next three questions ask if you strongly agree or disagree with each of the sub-priorities, then following that you will get the opportunity to tell us if you feel any thing is missing.

Question Title

* Bi) Community 
Build communities to ensure everyone lives well and safely together

  Strongly Agree No strong view Strongly Disagree
Ensure all children are healthy, safe and inspired to achieve
Ensure that children in care, and moving on from care, are well supported and make good life choices
Protect and improve the lives of vulnerable adults
Help keep our families and communities healthy and independent
Join up health and social care services in communities
Create environments that makes wellbeing inevitable
Use technology to enable independent living
Get the right mix of housing for our communities
Build our own sustainable council houses

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* Bii) Economy
Support an economy which builds on the county’s strengths and resources

  Strongly Agree No strong view Strongly Disagree
Use council assets to create more jobs
Develop environmentally sound infrastructure that attracts investment to our county
Invest in education and the skills needed by employers
Raise the average wage of people working in Herefordshire
Encourage younger people to build their lives here
Enhance digital connectivity for communities and business
Protect and promote our heritage, culture and natural beauty to increase tourism and attract new businesses
Invest public money locally wherever possible

Question Title

* Biii) Environment
Protect and enhance our environment and keep Herefordshire a great place to live

  Strongly Agree No strong view Strongly Disagree
Understand our carbon footprint and act to reduce it
Lead our transition to a low carbon economy
Improve and extend travel options throughout the county
Ensure the best use of the county’s natural resources
Reduce waste and increase reuse, repair and recycling
Protect the county's biodiversity, value nature and uphold environmental standards
Address the climate emergency and support behaviour change of residents and businesses

Question Title

* C) If you feel anything is missing under each theme please could you tell us below

Thank you very much for your time completing this.  Your views will help to shape where the council prioritises the budget over the next 4 years to 2024.  The next step in the consultation is formal consultation which will detail where budgets will be changing.

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* In order to help ensure we collect views from all residents in Herefordshire it would be useful to know who is completing this form.  Please tick any of the boxes below if they apply to you.