Highbridge - Neighbourhood Planning

For the last few months, a group of local residents has begun work to put together policies for the future of the Burnham and Highbridge area. This is called “Neighbourhood Planning.” In our case we’re trying to plan for the next 17 years – up to 2032.

Neighbourhood Plans aren’t a means of escaping planning controls, nor are they a NIMBY’s charter. They have to conform to the local planning authority’s (Sedgemoor DC in our case) major planning policy statement – the “Core Strategy” or “Local Plan”. So, for example, we couldn’t decide to build fewer houses than Sedgemoor allocates to us. But we can have a say in such things as location and infrastructure. The idea is to “add value”.The NP steering group has decided to work via a series of “Topic Groups”. The first of these was one which dealt with Burnham Town Centre. This second one has dealt with the whole of the Highbridge area. We’d like your opinions on what we’re proposing. Please read and answer the questions, adding any comments you wish in the appropriate boxes. Thank you.