We are keen to hear your views about the future of leisure facilities in Hartlepool. Our main leisure facility, the Mill House Leisure Centre, was built in 1972 and has served the town for almost 50 years. However, the centre is getting old and without investing a lot of money it is coming to the end of its useful life. We are therefore currently reviewing the Borough’s Leisure offer to ensure our future plans reflect the needs of the community. 

Within this survey we will ask you a range of questions about how you currently use leisure facilities, what you would like to see in any new facilities that we may provide and where any new facilities should be located. This survey will be used to inform our future plans for leisure facilities in Hartlepool. 

About the survey…
To help us to understand if there are particular views in a specific area of Hartlepool or from specific sections of the community we will ask you to identify some information about yourself including your home postcode.  This will not allow any individuals to be identified but will help us understand your views.  If you do not feel comfortable answering these questions then please leave them blank and move on to the next question.

What happens with the information you provide…
The data from this survey will be used to inform the future development of leisure facilities in Hartlepool. 

By completing this survey you give Hartlepool Borough Council the authority to collect and retain information about you.  The information collected about you will be held securely and will be processed to produce statistical reports.  No personal data will be disclosed.  Hartlepool Borough Council is the Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act.

 The survey will remain open until Sunday 15th September 2019 and should take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete. 

If you have any questions or would like further information then please contact Gemma Ptak, Assistant Director (Preventative and Community Based Services).
Email: yoursay@hartlepool.gov.uk                     Telephone: 01429 523441
Thank you for participating in the Mill House Leisure Centre Redevelopment survey – your views are really important to us!
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