The Historical Association Secondary Survey 2018

Thank you for logging into the HA secondary survey for 2018.  We use the information you provide each year to make sure that the HA  has an up-to-date picture of history teaching across the country and can reflect the views of its members in responding (for example) to government consultations and in campaigning for necessary resources.

Since this year has seen the first exams for the new GCSE (9-1) qualifications we're particularly keen to hear about your experience of the specifications.  We're also aware that many history departments have begun to review their Key Stage 3 teaching in light of the new GCSEs and are interested to keep monitoring the different approaches that schools are taking in relation to the curriculum. We also remain very aware of the financial pressures that many schools are facing and are continuing to monitor the impact of these pressures on the number of specialists/non-specialists teaching history and on teachers' access to relevant CPD. Getting a clear picture of exactly what is happening to school history enables us to represent your views and respond to your needs as effectively as possible.

Some questions that we ask are exactly the same as in previous years. This is deliberate as it allows the HA to track patterns over time and to highlight both the intended and the unintended consequences of particular reform initiatives.

Please complete the survey as fully as you can – the more information we have, the more powerfully we can argue on your behalf!  The answers that you provide will be used to compile the HA's annual report on history in secondary schools and may also be drawn on by the authors in responding to DfE consultations and in research publications about issues in history education.  All data will remain anonymous and non-attributable in any such publications. 

To thank you for taking part, all respondents are invited to enter a prize draw for £100 of book tokens. If you choose to enter the draw - and provide your email address for that purpose - please be assured that your address will only be used to notify you if you have won and not for any other purpose. 

Many thanks.

Katharine Burn, University of Oxford, Deputy President, Historical Association
Richard Harris, University of Reading