1. Introduction

Dear Resident

Hailsham Community Land Trust is aiming to provide low cost housing to enable local people to continue to live in the area. Please visit the website for more information www.hailshamclt.com.

Low cost homes can be properties that are for rent or part purchase (shared ownership) and made available to those who are unable to otherwise meet their housing needs. 

The Trust is a community led organisation, working with Hailsham Town Council and Wealden District Council.

We want to find out more about the need for low cost housing and are inviting all households in Hailsham to take part.

 The questionnaire consists of 2 parts. 

Part 1 is seeking views from every household about local housing. 

Part 2 is for completion by or for households or individuals who consider themselves to be in need of low cost housing. A separate Part 2 will be needed for each household.
So if you know of one household in need complete Part 2A Only
A second household also complete Part 2B
A third household also complete Part 2C
A fourth household also complete Part 2D.  

This survey is being run by Action in rural Sussex - an independent charity that has supported communities across East and West Sussex since the 1930's. 

The survey returns will be analysed by Action in rural Sussex and a summary report of the overall findings of the survey will be presented to the Community Land Trust and the Town and District Councils. 
All personal information will be kept completely confidential. No personal information will be shared with the Community Land Trust, Town Council, District Council or any other third party - unless you request this.     

Please complete the questionnaire before 23rd November 2020. 

If you require help completing the survey, or would like a paper copy to complete, please contact: Graham Maunders – Community Led Housing Advisor, Action in rural Sussex: T: 07824 900092 or E: graham.maunders@ruralsussex.org.uk

Many thanks for your time and assistance.

David Radtke

Chair - Hailsham Community Land Trust