Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is very important to HAE UK and will help us gain a greater understanding of where you feel that your current treatment works and where there is room for improvement. When the survey identifies areas for improvement in care, we plan to work with healthcare teams to bring about change; so as much as feedback as possible could definitely help improve your (and other people's) care.

Please note that responses to this survey are anonymous.
The survey has been designed to take about 20 minutes to complete - although there are 52 questions, most are answered by simply clicking on choices from menus. Please note the survey may also skip some questions dependent upon previous answers (if it does this it will appear that there are fewer questions).

Some abbreviated terms are used in the survey to save space - these are explained below:
  • Acute medication = medicine taken to treat an attack, not for prevention
  • Long-term treatment (prophylaxis) = medicine taken regularly to prevent attacks
In order to be able to understand better where the unmet need is in HAE patient care, it is really important that we get as many responses to this survey as possible - so please do take the time to complete it.
6% of survey complete.