I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts on how I can provide more of what you want to see on Natural Kitchen Adventures. Can I borrow 5 minutes of your time?
And if there's anything you'd like me to know that isn't mentioned below, drop me an email: ceri@naturalkitchenadventures.com - I'd love to hear your thoughts...

* 1. I'd love to know what type of recipes you would like to see shared on the blog and in my app in future.

* 2. What is your dietary preference?

* 3. On consuming content, do you...

* 4. Have you downloaded my iPhone app, Natural Kitchen Adventures?

* 5. If you don't have my iPhone app, is there a reason why?

* 6. Have you attended any of the events I have catered for or taught at?

* 7. If you have been to one of my events, how did you found out about it?

* 8. If you haven't been to one of my events, is there a reason why?

* 9. Would you be interested in attending a food-focused supper club in London?

* 10. If you are interested in the supper club, what day of the week would work best for you?