Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council was awarded a grant for £10,000 towards the purchase and installation of Outdoor Gym Equipment with the aim of improving the physical and mental health of the local community by encouraging exercising with family and/or friends in beautiful surroundings and free of charge.
The purpose of this third survey is to obtain more feedback, positive or negative,of the effectiveness of this project during the spring/summer months.

* 1. Did you use the Outdoor equipment during the winter months?

* 2. Were you encouraged to use the Outdoor Equipment during the lighter, summer months?

* 3. Are you aware of the health benefits of regular exercising

* 4. Do you find the outdoor gym equipment helps you carry out regular exercise

* 5. Do you think that exercising in the company of friends would encourage you to exercise more often

* 6. Do you think the equipment is adequate or does it need to be imporved

* 7. If you think it should be improved: what type of extra equipment would you like installed

* 8. Will you continue to use the equipment in the winter months