CTO of the Year 2020 Nominations

Please complete the relevant fields below by 27th March 2020

Expand the text boxes if you need more space, but please don’t exceed 1,200 words in total (excluding contact details). Note, you do not have to fill in every box, just those that are most appropriate for the nominee.

Don’t forget, we want to know about the CTO, rather than the company in general, and we need evidence of what the nominee says, not claims without proof. By all mean include hyperlinks to brief supporting material if you wish, but please don’t just provide us with a list of them.

We will notify you once the shortlist has been selected by the judges in mid-April. The winners will be presented with their awards at the exclusive CTO Roundtable and Dinner on 3 June 2020 at London’s exclusive Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel in the City of London.

The first step is to decide whether your entry is as a Trailblazer (a pioneer of new technologies and/or business models) or a Gamechanger (a leader who understands that execution is everything), (take a look at the categories here) then choose the appropriate category and give us your best shot!

If you need more information or guidance, please contact Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe & European Communications via anniet@mobileeurope.co.uk

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